T-shirts, a product dating back to the 1800’s proven to be worth its weight in gold and considered an item that won’t go out of style.

With an array of colour options and styles suitable for men, women and children and their ability to match or compliment any outfit; the versatility of branded t-shirts makes them an ideal choice of clothing offering widespread and long-term recognition for your brand.

1. Relatively Inexpensive

Whether you’re a large corporation or a start-up, promotional t-shirts are an affordable marketing investment that won’t break the bank.

Unlike advertising campaigns which require both time and money every time you run a campaign, branded t-shirts can be a low-cost, once-off expense which holds higher value.

2. Long-lasting Promotional Value

Although t-shirts can sustain wear and tear, they aren’t as easily discarded and less impressionable as promotional flyers, thus allowing longer and far more effective exposure for your brand by the wearer. Additionally, it is proven to be a more cost-effective means of advertising.

3. Widespread Visibility

With many of your potential clients, loyal supporters or employees embarking on travel journeys, a promotional t-shirt has the power to provide worldwide recognition for your brand virtually for free!

Custom t-shirts therefore allow your brand to be marketed and seen daily by hundreds of people, most of whom may be potential clients.

4. Options are Limitless

A variety of fabrics, limitless design options and various branding methods makes the sky the limit with branded t-shirts. Different design approaches will yield different results in line with your overall goal.

While a simplistic branded t-shirt might be suitable as casual wear for your team, a bolder design with a catchy phrase or a visually appealing image may create a lasting impression and increase brand awareness.

5. Multi-purpose

From branded wear for your next team building exercise to sponsored t-shirts for sports teams; the promotional use of branded t-shirts and the benefit to your business is unmatched to many other means of advertising.

Their purpose isn’t limited to your team or immediate clients, in addition to sports teams, you can showcase your brand with promotional t-shirts at various events.

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In addition to embodying your brand’s identity, branded corporate wear is a marketing tool that has the power to validate your brand’s credibility; and here is why it should be made a priority.

It is a Multi-Functional Promotional Tool
Incorporating branded wear into your marketing strategy by means of giveaways, donations or carefully selected gifts to potential clients will create a long-lasting impression and make your brand memorable.

Corporate Wear Offers a Great Return on Investment
Unlike promotional flyers, clothing isn’t as easily discarded, thus ensuring your brand is permanently visible for as long as it is worn.

Printed Company Clothing is a low-cost Advertising Medium
In comparison to the many expensive advertising channels, branded corporate clothing is an affordable and less limited alternative. Your logo and message will prominently be displayed on walking ‘billboards’ for the masses to see.

It’s Tax Deductible
Unlike some promotional activities that come directly off your bottom line, branded company clothing is tax deductible as a direct cost-to-business operating expense.

Corporate Clothing is a Major Brand Recognition Tool
Brand awareness is a top priority to any business and recognition is exponentially increased each time someone sees your brand. With a wide selection of corporate clothing to choose from, your brand can be promoted in as many ways as possible.

Boosts Staff Morale and Team Spirit
Uniforms make employees distinguishable, it enhances company pride and loyalty and ensures workplace unity. It is equally useful for team building exercises which guarantees a boost in morale and the overall team spirit.

Ideal for Promotions and Events
Tradeshows, product launches, conferences and community projects are but a few events where your brand stands to gain significant promotional value, appropriately kitting out your team will indefinitely boost your business.

While some perceive winter as the uninvited guest, others are welcoming him with open arms. Just as a bear would prepare for hibernation, your clients are prepping for Netflix and chill or an evening in front of the fireplace this winter.

Brew to fight the brrr:
With hands firmly placed on each end of the cup, warming up, and our noses stuck into the hot steam escaping from the top, combating the morning cold with a cup of coffee is inevitable. The Kooshty Single Koffee Set With Black Press is sure to serve up the perfect cup.

Snuggle up:
There’s no such thing as too many blankets during winter, they make snuggling and cuddling an undeniable pastime on those wet wintery nights. Clients and staff alike can have your logo pulled up beneath their chins all winter long with the soft Everest Sherpa Blanket.

Melt their hearts:
Valued clients and appreciated employees play a pivotal role in the overall success of any business. Thank you gifts have thus become a gesture indicative of your appreciation for their business and hard work. The Keep Warm Gift Set ticks all the right boxes, while the thermal serves as the ideal morning companion, the beanie will help fight frostbite. A personalized colour changing mug will brighten up a gloomy day and put a smile on their dial.

Gear to go:
While a select few find a sweater sufficient, a larger amount of the population deem layering essential. We’re talking sweaters with jackets and all the trimmings. Keep your tribe professional and trendy with the Norquay Mens Insulated Jacket and the Astro Ladies Jacket – an equally favourable gift for a loved one.

Why not help your customers and employees warm up and weather the storm with some of these winter must-haves?

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” – Dalai Lama.

The Problem:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or hail from an alternative planet, you would be familiar with the impact of waste and the increasing efforts from organisations, environmentalists, individuals and businesses alike, creating awareness to save our environment and the many ways in which we can GO GREEN.

Hazardous waste and plastic are but two examples of products putting our environment at risk daily, with a rise in eco-friendly alternatives and a conscious effort worldwide to reduce waste, we hold onto the glimmer of hope for our beloved mother nature.

Every restaurant you visit, you’re sure to be handed a plastic straw with your coldrink, an inexpensive product manufactured in the masses. But did you know – it is estimated that a plastic straw takes roughly 500 years to decompose. Yes, that’s correct – 500 years!

The Solution:

Steel straws have been earning praise and gaining recognition for all the right reasons – the modern-day and currently trending alternative does not only have a substantial amount of benefit to our environment, but it also contains less harmful particles we are likely to consume while drinking, holds high promotional value and allows your brand to be highly perceived for its efforts to reduce waste.

The BPA-free and environmentally safe straw gets our vote for being reusable, durable and not leaching harmful chemicals; an all-round benefit to both our environment and mankind.

With most plastic straws similar in appearance, steel straws offer a selection suited to your personal preference. If you’re a lover of simplicity, the Silver Steel Straw Set with Eco Jute Bag may be the right fit for you, while both the Rose Gold Steel Straw Set with Eco Jute Bag and the Rainbow Steel Straw Set with Eco Jute Bag offers elegance second to none. Each set includes a straight and bent straw as well as a brush for easy cleaning.

While straws are one of many areas of concern, we can do our part by implementing small changes into our daily lives. Saying no to the plastic bag you’re offered at your local grocer and investing in an alternative such as the Ecojute Okavango Bag will not only save you money but also our planet.

Habitual lifestyle changes may not have an overnight effect, it is however a step in the right direction to a greener, safer environment.

Although we strive to provide our clients with a world class experience, perfect is not always possible. For those imperfect moments where 100% customer satisfaction is not achieved, we send in reinforcement – our Customer Service Team, better known as the Solutionists.

When an order goes wrong, we understand how incredibly overwhelming it can be for you, which is why our Solutionist team will go the extra mile to turn a crisis into a triumph.

They’ll track the delivery, replace the broken items, fix the stock shortage and rebrand the items which were incorrectly branded. No challenge has proven to be too big for them to handle. They aim to turn unsatisfied clients into raving fans!

Annica Smit (30) is a lady with a fun, vibrant personality and a readiness to get things done. She’s been part of the Customer Service team for the past year and loves solving unforeseen mishaps. She believes in creating a personal relationship with both clients and staff. Her personality coupled with an excellent work ethic guarantees our clients are in good hands.

Fun fact: Annica has a Diploma in musical theatre and has been married for 3 years.

Kelly Louw (23) has been part of our Customer Service team for the past 2 and a half years. In her time at Brandability she’s dealt with many mishaps and has come to know many of our clients well. Kelly is a bubbly lady with a big personality who has proven to be a valuable asset to our team. She always empathizes with the client and leaves no stone unturned until the job is completed. She believes that our clients need to receive the best service, no matter how big or small the order is.

Fun fact: Kelly loves being a mother to her 7-month old boy and hopes to finish her degree in Psychology.

Gavin Cockrell (33) is the newbie to our team. His calm and quiet demeanor ensures that clients always feel heard and understood. In the short time that he’s been a part of the Customer Service team, he’s excelled at assisting clients, solving issues and ensuring our unhappy clients become raving fans.

Fun fact: Gavin has twin sons and is an amazing sketch artist.

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