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Simply add items to your quote by clicking on the “Add to Quote” button on the product page. When you are satisfied with the items in your “basket”, you can click on the “Submit Quote” button and an Account Manager will contact you and set up a finalised quote. You can also Phone us, Chat with us online, WhatsApp us or Send us an email and one of our Account Managers will get back to you within a few minutes.

The chat is real. You can ask any questions you like, answered instantly by one of the Brandability Chatters. We do not use chat bots.

We are an online company but we do have a showroom to view samples – Please note we do not keep stock on hand for purchasing.

Yes we do, but we do not have all the items – as they are from different suppliers – so please specify the item you are interested in.

We supply everyone, whether you are a company or a private individual, we will happily help source products for you.

No, you can purchase without having an account.


If you need immediate assistance, click on the Live Chat button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen or call us on 0861 8888 59. You can also send us an email by clicking here.

When viewing a product on our website, our product code is displayed as the SKU which can be found below the Add to Quote button on the product page. This information is displayed underneath the “Add to Quote” button.

In most instances, branding is included in the displayed price. Please have a careful look at the product description where it will mention whether branding is included or not. If you are unsure then please contact us by either emailing us by clicking here., by using our various chat channels on our site or by giving us a call on 0861 8888 59 and we’ll assign a Sales Account Manager to you where he/she will be able to give you the branding costs.

If you have tried your best with our dynamic search bar and the product categories in our menu and you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then please contact one of our Sales Account Managers. You can do so by either emailing us by clicking here., by using our various chat channels on our site or by giving us a call on 0861 8888 59 and we’ll assign a Sales Account Manager to you. We are pretty confident we’ll be able to source the item for you – we have contacts!

Brandability is one of the largest promotional gift suppliers in South Africa. Our buying power ensures that our clients always receive the very best prices and we guarantee it.

It is all excluding – as all our items are imported from SA – clients will be liable for the Import tax which is calculated once items are at the border.

Branding & Artwork

Yes. Almost all the products on our site are brandable. We take care of the full branding process making it easy for you to order through us.

Yes. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the branding on your products. By following our step-by-step approval system, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the branding on your products.

Branding prices depend on how many colours are in your design, the branding method chosen and in how many positions your design will be branded on your product.

It is important to note that a setup free is NOT an artwork design fee. The setup fee covers the cost of gathering, collecting, and organising the printing materials, such as the mixing of colours, the preparation of the screens, pads, etching plates, as well as mixing the eco-friendly chemicals we use. It also covers the cost of the calibration of the machines required to complete the branding of your products.

Yes, if you place a repeat order (same artwork and same item) you will be charged a new set-up fee as we will need to do all the preparation work for your new order over again. Every order requires new pads or screens to be made as these are not kept and need to be redesigned.

Virtual logo preview tools cannot accurately depict your logo on a product (for instance, it can’t notify you if the logo is the wrong size for the branding area for the specific product). Leave it to our experienced Artwork Team to treat your design with the attention it deserves in order to have it look its best on your chosen products – at no extra cost!

We prefer your artwork in vector format. Click here for more information on artwork formats.

Vector images are made up of smooth lines separating different parts and colours in your artwork. Click here to have a look at our Artwork Guide for more information.

Yes, by purchasing one of our Artwork Design Packages you will be sent your artwork once your order has been completed.

Colour settings on PC monitors and printers differ greatly, so colours may vary depending on the monitor or printer being used. The colours you see on the screen are not necessarily the actual Pantone colours of the product or logo. We always use the PMS or Pantone System to match the colours in your design or logo as closely as possible with the real deal.

Yes, the texture, product material and background colour of a product can affect the resulting appearance or colour of a logo. It is always best to ask for a branded sample before going ahead with the main order. Please speak to your account manager to arrange this.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a standard colour matching system that uses numerical codes for each colour. That way, we can find the exact match for your colours in your design and use the same colours each time you place an order. Certain branding methods however use a manual colour matching process which makes it difficult to accurately match your pantone colour to the ink being used. Please consider this when deciding on which branding method to use.


We work on an average of 3-5 working days after artwork approval – but because our orders are imported from SA we add 2 days maximum for any border delays.

We’re Rush Order specialists & often meet deadlines no one else can match.

Please have a look at Our Process page on how to place an order with Brandability.

After we’ve received your 50% deposit and your Account Manager has processed your order, our team (all the way from Admin and Artwork through to Dispatch) will keep you notified each time your items move to the following step in the ordering process. If you need more detailed info, feel free to chat to your Account Manager who will happily update you on the progress of your order.

Yes, P1000 excluding vat on branded orders and P500.00 excluding vat for unbranded orders.

Yes, as long as your total order reaches the minimum order spend of R1,000.00 excluding vat for branded products or R500.00 excluding vat for unbranded products.

The price on the website is based on you ordering the minimum order quantity, so if you need less than the MOQ then the price will generally need to be higher.

Yes, however, cancellation fees may apply. The fees will vary depending on at what stage the order is at. Cancellation is not possible once products have been branded.

Yes. Ownership of products is transferred to you once Brandability has received full payment in our account.

You need to supply us with a letter that warrants that you have the unrestricted right to use and distribute the artwork associated with the Trademark.

Your happiness is safeguarded by our Risk-Free Guarantee so if you’re unhappy with your order then please contact your Account Manager and they will have one of our Customer Care agents contact you as soon as possible. We’re in this for the long run and will work with you to be sure you are 100% satisfied.

The Confirmation of Order (COO) is an agreement signed by you to indicate that you would like to proceed with your order at Brandability. The COO date is the commitment from Brandability to when your order will be completed by and delivered to you.


We always require 50% payment upfront for branded orders and 100% payment on unbranded orders.

Balance requests are sent out after your artwork has been approved.

An Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is our preferred method of payment. We have bank accounts with each of the major banks in South Africa for faster clearance of funds transferred. We also accept Online Credit Card Payments via the PayFast and OZOW online payment gateways.

Yes we do accept cheques – but please note any orders will only be placed or delivered once payment has cleared. But we do not accept any cash payments.

We only provide banking details once you have approved your quote. This eliminates payments being made into our account without the correct reference numbers.


Yes. We provide delivery as a service which we outsource to various courier companies around South Africa and internationally.

If your order is over P1,000.00 excluding vat and you live in Gaborone, then you qualify for free delivery. Delivery usually takes between 3 – 5 days. Express delivery is available at an additional charge.

Branded orders, this depends on the production lead time along with the courier service you have chosen. Majority of our branded orders ship within 3 working days. Unbranded orders, the determining factor here is the courier service you’ve chosen as orders are generally ready for shipment within 24 hours.

Yes, once full order has been received in Botswana – we will gladly assist in the splitting of your order – please note Additional delivery charges may apply.

In most cases yes. Please let your Account Manager know where you need to send your order to and they will provide you with all the details.

We have two very reliable courier companies that we use for our shipment from South Africa to Botswana – Only in special circumstances would we be able to assist, but if your full order is received in Botswana you may use the courier of your choice to ship where you are located.

Artwork Design Packages

The Standard package allows for 1 Font however you may be able to use 2 Fonts depending on the complexity of your artwork. 2 Fonts are possible on the Standard design package provided for instance that vector artwork is supplied with your order. Your designer will be able to let you know what is and isn’t possible based on what you have sent them.

The Standard package is based on the designer spending a maximum of 1 hour on your design, the Premium package allows for a maximum of 2 hours and the Elite a maximum of 3 hours on your design. Additional time is available at a rate of R195 per hour.

Yes, this package is included with every branded order to make sure the quality of your artwork meets our minimum requirements.

We have already taken into consideration the price of the Standard package when working out the price of the Premium and Elite packages, so there is no discount available.

If you purchased a Premium or Elite package, then your original vector artwork files will be emailed to you on completion of your order. Please note that you do need to proceed with your order before we’re able to send you your artwork files.

No, the limit on text in the Standard and Premium packages does not apply to personalisation.

No, the design package only affects the design of the layout. The number of colours and complexity of the logo itself is not limited by the design package you choose. A Standard package can have an intricate logo with 4 colours as long as it’s only 1 logo for instance.

Yes, the design package you choose will affect the number of letters, the style of font as well as the number of colours of your text. The Standard package for instance only allows for 50 letters in one basic style font and in 1 solid font colour.

Yes, on each of the Design Package pages there is a link to view all products that are most suitable for that design package.

Image cropping and basic editing does not cover photoshopping however slight enhancements to the image as well as cropping are possible.

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