Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are historically renowned for its military use but have since become both a workwear and comfort item of wear. Modern versions of the once masculine pants see females rocking cargos just as well as men do.

Simplistic designs and a shift from over the top camo versions have made these pants fairly acceptable for office wear, composed from lightweight material and providing comfortability for when running errands too.

The traditional cargo pants with its colour combinations and bulky pockets both front and back, allowing ease of access to your goods perfectly suit the avid outdoor junkie frequently indulging in hikes and sporting activities. The durability of the material easily withstands the wear and tear brought on by climbing and physical activity.

While some pants are intended to be fashionable and others serving a more practical purpose, cargo pants are a combination of the two and an undeniable item people will either love or loathe.

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