Sports Bottoms

Quick drying, compression lined, performance fabric – foreign words to the regular guy on the street but makes perfect sense to the athlete looking for the appropriate sports shorts. One may assume shorts are shorts and any shorts would suit any sporting activity.

This is, however, a misconception and when one starts to consider the facts, it makes sense as to why each short is specific to each activity. Different activities have different needs in terms of comfort, durability, breathability and so the list goes on. While a flowy short may be realistic for soccer players, custom running shorts or in some cases even tights will have varying features to that of soccer shorts. Each custom short, therefore, fits the activity.

Tights are commonly worn by cyclists, netball players beneath their uniform, runners and even at the gym – thus being versatile in use. Printed shorts show a team logo off nicely and can be customized to each player and their position while embroidered shorts remind us of the white stitched detail sported on rugby shorts which simplistically display details.

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