Selfie Sticks

Did you know, the word selfie came into existence in 1839 when American photographer Robert Cornelius took an unintentional picture of himself? With selfies being one of the most popular trends in modern times, selfie sticks take the awkward out of taking selfies. This invention allows us to conveniently capture special moments.

A tech tool used worldwide, branded selfie sticks can create brand awareness in many busy cities across the globe. Adrenaline junkies and thrill-seeking enthusiasts who enjoy adventure sports can capture the full experience by attaching their GoPro to a promotional selfie stick. Custom selfie sticks vary in both design and the length to which it can extend, allowing you complete control and ease when snapping your best selfies. A printed selfie stick makes for a great gift, they are far more visually appealing than plain ones and can be customised according to your preference.

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