Society has become so accustomed to electricity, a power outage is a disruption we don’t wish to welcome. And we have torches, also known as flashlights, to thank for those moments where we’re still able to have some light when the power is out.

There is however more to torches than a mere power supply when the electricity is out. A great benefit to many outdoor activities, flashlights have become somewhat of a staple to some adventures.

Hiking at night? You’re sure to have a torch on your essentials list. Going camping? Your torch will be one of the first things you’ll pack. We love these battery- or solar-powered powerhouses for obvious reasons, designed with function and purpose in mind, different types of torches can meet different needs.

The light size and colour may vary, while some shine a bright white light, others may come in purple or yellow. They also allow us to dim down or brighten up spaces and objects by means of their zoom feature.

Outdoor enthusiasts are particularly fond of torches and distributing promotional torches to your audience will greatly benefit your brand. Alternatively, a custom flashlight makes a useful and thoughtful gift.

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